Arturas Bumšteinas (b.1982, Vilnius) is composer / sound artist working in the fields of electro-acoustic and instrumental music, radio art, installations, performance-art and experimental electronic music (also under his Refusenik moniker). He is founding member of ensembles Quartet Twentytwentyone, Works & Days, Zarasai and Wolumen. Since the year 2000 he has collaborated with many international artists, his exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects were presented in dozens of events around Europe; festivals where his music and art projects were presented include The Holland Festival, Sensoralia / Romaeuropa, Angelica, Vilnius Jazz, Kody, Skanumezs, Cut & Splice, etc. His music is published by labels such as Bolt, Cronica, Unsounds, Con-v, Sangoplasmo and others. In the year 2013 he was awarded “Palma Ars Acustica” prize for radiophonic arts. Bumšteinas is an artist-in-residence at DAAD Berliner Kunstlerprogramm in year 2017.

Text by Martina Seeber

2018 Audio-visual stage-installation “Olympian Machine”, NOA festival, Vilnius
2018/02 Solo piano composition “Chair Traveller’s Delight”, Darmstadt
2018/01 Choir+playback composition at “Art’s Birthday”, Berghain Kantine, Berlin

2018/12 New piece, Tectonics, Tel-Aviv
2017/11 “Berliner Orgelsafari”, Kontraklang, Berlin
2017/11 Solo exhibition “Works and Days”, SMC/CAC, Vilnius
2017/11 Curated event at Labor Sonor, KuLe, Berlin
2017/10 Performance “Bad Weather”, Unsound, Cricoteca, Krakow

2017/11 New piece for piano-finger-trainer, Kontakte, AdK, Berlin
2017/08 “The Year of a Catdog”, Mikromusik, DAAD Galerie Berlin

2017/04 “String Quartet” for bassoon quartet, Jauna Muzika festival, Vilnius
2017/03 “Orgelsafari Chronicles” multi-discipline performance, Schaubuhne Lindenfels, Leipzig

2016/12 Solo exhibition in Sodų 4 gallery, Vilnius
2016/09 Refusenik live at Sonic Festival, Copenhagen

2016/06 Performance at 44 Moen Kunsthalle, Moen, Denmark
2016/05 “The Year of the Catdog” premiere on Czech Radio Vltava
2016 Ukrainian and Russian tour

2015/12 Theater piece “More Music for Sam” at Cricoteca, Krakow
2015/04 Audio-play “Audiokaukas”, NOA, Vilnius
2015/04 “Gamelan Descending a Staircase”, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius

2014/11 Sound installation “Walk Through”, Tonspur Museums Quartier, Vienna
2014/11 Residency in Quartier21, Vienna
2014/10 Performance with Quartet Twentytwentyone, Brno Philharmony, Brno
2014/09 “Šuorai” sound installation, Unanswered Q, CAC, Vilnius
2014/09 “Windows” sound installation, On the Edge of Perceptibility, Kunsthalle Budapest
2014/01 Performance with MI-65 Ensemble, Club Transmediale, Berlin

2013/10 Premiere of “Bird Fancyer’s Delight”, CSW Sala Laboratorium, Warsaw
2013/10 Performance with MI-65 Ensemble, Skanumezs, Riga
2013/10 Premiere of “Wielka Improwizacja”, Polskie Radio Dwojka

2013/09 Wolumen Trio, St.Catherine’s Church, Vilnius
2013/09 Residency @ EMS, Stockholm
2013/08 Performance in Quiet Cue, Berlin

2013/05 “Night on the Sailship”, Avant Avantgarde, Stadtgarten, Cologne
2013/04 “My Alphabet” for voice recordings, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius

2013/03 Live version of „Epiloghi…“, Radio Zukunft, AdK, Berlin
2013/03 Premiere of „Epiloghi…“, Deutschlandradio Kultur

2012/11 “Scattered Pages” for six pianos, Klaviergarten, OK-Centrum, Linz
2012/11 Performance w/ international ensemble MI-65, Chemnitz
2012/11 Performance w/ Liudas Mockūnas, Nordic Sound Station, Eskilstuna

2012/10 Theater collaboration w/ Wojtek Ziemilski, komuna//warszawa
2012/10 Traveling group exhibition “Membra Disjecta for John Cage”, Tonspur, Vienna
2012/09 Experimental music festival Sonic Circuits, Atlas Center, DC

2012/04 Performance/installation “Gwizdaly”, Sala Laboratorium, CSW, Warsaw
2012/04 New composition, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2012/03 Performance w/ Friends of Edgars, Palladium, Riga
2012/01 Solo performance, Strefa Monotype, Sala Laboratorium, CSW, Warsaw

2011/12 Performance w/ Piotr Kurek, Next Festival, Bratislava
2011/12 Performance w/ international ensemble MI-65, Audio Art, Krakow
2011/11 Premiere of „Sleep (An Attempt at Trying)“ on Deutschlandradio Kultur
2011/10 “Voicescapes” w/Liudas Mockūnas in Kaunas Philharmony
2011/10 “Voicescapes” w/Liudas Mockūnas, Vilnius Jazz Festival
2011/06 Group exhibition “Polemically Small”, Klaipeda Art Gallery
2011/05 Solo performance “Packing” in Klaipeda Art Gallery
2011/04 Performance with Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika, Vilnius

2010/12 Solo piano recital “Diapason”, LMTA, Vilnius
2010/11 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone at Concertgebouw Bruges
2010/10 Performance w/ Apartment House, Wundergrund, Copenhagen
2010/09 Experimental music festival Sonic Circuits, Washington DC
2010/09 Project “Morning and Evening in the Museum”, LTKM Museum, Vilnius
2010/09 Exhibition “10 Years of Lithuanian Contemporary Art”, CAC, Vilnius
2010/09 Solo exhibition “Words and Music”, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2010/07 Performance w/ Works and Days ensemble, Wigry, Poland
2010/06 Solo performance “Piano in the Expanded Field”, CAC, Torun
2010/06 “Stories from the Organ Safari”, Orgelpark, Holland Festival, Amsterdam
2010/06 Contemporary art festival “Lithuania, right?”, Poznan
2010/05 New music festival Kody, Lublin
2010/05 Performance w/ Works and Days ensemble, Angelica festival, Bologna
2010/05 Contemporary art fair Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
2010/03 Residency in „Kunstraum Sylt Quelle“, Rantum

2009/11 Festival of experimental song “The Song is You”, Powiekszenie, Warsaw
2009/10 Premiere of “Five Songs” for large ensemble, Wigry
2009/09 Premiere of “Heap of Language”, BBC3 / King’s Place, London
2009/06 Performances in “Let There Be Night”, Vilnius
2009/05 Group exhibition “Interplay”, Bury St Edmunds Gallery
2009/04 Co-leading masterclasses at Aldeburgh Young Musicians, Snape Maltings
2009/04 Electronic music festival Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2009/03 Premiere of “Studie Zwei” at Crazy Wisdom event, King’s Place, London
2009/01 Performance at Eine Audienz mit dem Publikum, Berliner Konzerthaus

2008/11 Group exhibition “Weltall+Erde+Mensch”, ACC, Weimar
2008/10 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Cut & Splice / BBC3, London
2008/10 Group exhibition Salon of the Revolution, HDLU, Zagreb
2008/09 Solo exhibition “Transparent Ears” in NEON gallery, Brösarp
2008/09 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, iFEM, Inari
2008/09 Group exhibition Lithuanian Art 08. Photography, CAC, Vilnius
2008/09 Solo performance in Fylkingen, Stockholm
2008/09 Split performance with Ida Lunden in Gavle Theater
2008/08 Solo exhibition All Blur in Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2008/06 Split exhibition with Tomáš Svoboda, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2008/05 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Skanumezs, Riga
2008/04 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2008/03 Group exhibition “Home Bound”, Kunstraum Sylt-Quelle

2007/11 Group exhibition “DE_constructing MariaKapel”, Hoorn
2007/11 Group exhibition “Virtual Documenta”, KUMU, Tallinn
2007/11 Group exhibition on public screens “Poslinkis”, Vilnius
2007/10 Exhibition “Bumsteinas/Lericolais”, ERBA, Rouen
2007/09 Sound installation “Untitled (Building)”, Berliner Kunstsalon
2007/09 New music festival Sonic Circuits, Kennedy-Center, Washington DC
2007/09 Experimental music festival iFem, Inari
2007/06 Recital of Twentytwentyone in Holland Festival, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
2007/05 Exhibition “2420 Ciurlionis”, CAC Vilnius
2007/03 Exhibition “Hmm… Wystawa Problemowa”, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
2007/04 Electronic music festival Jauna Muzika, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
2007/02 Solo exhibition “Demo”, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2007/02 Exhibition “Me, You and some Out-takes”, CAC, Vilnius

2007/02 Solo performance in Laznia Contempoary Art Center, Gdansk, Poland
2006/12 Recital of Twentytwentyone, Audio Art Festival, CSW, Warsaw
2006/09 Festival of political music culture “Machtmusik”, Leipzig, Germany
2006/09 Exhibition of young artists “Selfobjects”, Radvilu Rumai, Vilnius
2006/09 Exhibition of photography “3Xpozicija.lt”, Prospekto Galerija, Vilnius
2006/09 Exhibition “101,3 km. Competition and Collaboration”, CAC, Vilnius
2006/05 Exhibition „Videokunst aus Baltikum“ in Kunstraum-Duesseldorf
2006/05 Solo performance „Klavierkonzert“, Palais de Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf
2006/05 Exhibition of Lithuanian art „Invasion“ in Kuenstlerhaus-Dortmund
2006/04 Recital of Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika Festival, CAC, Vilnius

2005/12 Lithuanian contemporary art exhibition „Enthusiasts”, CAC, Vilnius
2005/11 Music, dance and theater festival “Sensoralia/Romaeuropa”, Roma
2005/10 Performance-installation “Ketubah”, Oxford Contemporary Music
2005/09 Crossover music festival “Turning Sounds 3”, Warsaw
2005/09 Electronic music festival Skanumezs, Riga
2005/08 Audiovisual performance “Sleeping with Cars”, Skuc gallery, Ljubljana
2005/04 Multicollaborative project “Mixthemixthemix”, Jauna Muzika, Vilnius
2005/04 Documentary “Attempt to Talk about Experimental Music” on ŠMC TV

2004/12 Baltic video art screenings “Video 2004”, Bergen Kunsthall
2004/11 Contemporary music festival Iš Arti, Kaunas
2004/10 Contemporary music festival Marių Klavyrai, Klaipeda
2004/10 Video art festival “Blick’04”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
2004/10 New media culture festival “Art+Communication”, Riga
2004/09 Tallinn XIII Graphic Triennale “In Exile”, Tallinn
2004/08 Group exhibition “Remains of Innocence” in Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff
2004/07 Audio art exhibition “Mirrors and Copulations”, Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu
2004/06 Exhibition “Rauma Biennale Balticum 2004: Talking To Me? “
2004/06 Exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian art “In My Own Juice”, Tallinn
2004/04 Solo exhibition “Procedures (Stream)”, Druskininkai Town Museum
2004/04 Exhibition of Baltic art “Somewhere Near Europa”, Brussels
2004/02 Media art festival “Garso Zona”, Kaunas

2003/11 Electronic music and moving image festival “Avanto”, Kiasma, Helsinki
2003/11 Exhibition “2Show”, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
2003/06 Interdisciplinary art festival “Launch Option Berlin”, Berlin
2003/06 New music, performance and cinema festival “Artacts”, St.Johann in Tirol
2003/04 Electronic music festival “E – Muzika”, Vilnius
2003/03 New music festival “Maerzmusik”, Berlin

2002/11 Exhibition “Parallel Progressions 3”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius