Arturas Bumšteinas (b.1982, Vilnius) is composer / sound artist working in the fields of performative sound art, radio, installations, experimental acoustic and electronic music (also under his Refusenik moniker). He is founding member of various ensembles and groups; since the year 2000 he has collaborated with many international artists; his exhibitions and interdisciplinary projects were presented in dozens of events around Europe; festivals where his music and art projects were presented include The Holland Festival, Unsound, Tectonics, Sensoralia / Romaeuropa, Angelica, Vilnius Jazz, Kody, Skanumezs, Cut & Splice, etc. His music is published by labels such as Bolt, Cronica, Unsounds, Con-v, Sangoplasmo and others. In the year 2013 he was awarded “Palma Ars Acustica” prize for radiophonic arts. Bumšteinas is an artist-in-residence at DAAD Berliner Kunstlerprogramm in year 2017.

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2019 New audiovisual piece at Sacrum Profanum festival, Krakow

2018/04 Audio-visual stage-installation “Olympian Machine”, NOA festival, Vilnius
2018/04 Duo with Vladimir Tarasov, TBA, Vilnius
2018/02 “Chair Traveller’s Delight” for piano, Darmstadt
2018/01 “Thus Time Goes By” for chamber choir, Ultraschall, Berghain Kantine, Berlin

2018/12 “ding dong deng dung dang” for chamber ensemble, Tectonics, Tel-Aviv
2017/11 “Brothers K” organ and 4 speakers, Kontraklang, Berlin
2017/11 Solo exhibition “ēcheîa”, SMC/CAC, Vilnius
2017/11 Curated mini festival ESTONIA, SMC/CAC, Vilnius
2017/11 Curated event at Labor Sonor, KuLe, Berlin
2017/10 Staged sound-art performance “Bad Weather”, Unsound/Cricoteca, Krakow

2017/11 “Half an Hour with Carl Hirsch” for finger-trainer piano, Kontakte, AdK, Berlin
2017/08 “The Year of a Catdog”, Mikromusik, DAAD Galerie Berlin

2017/04 “String Quartet” for bassoon quartet, Jauna Muzika festival, Vilnius
2017/03 “Orgelsafari Chronicles” multi-discipline performance, Schaubuhne Lindenfels, Leipzig

2016/12 Solo exhibition “Story of One Sound” in Sodų 4 gallery, Vilnius
2016/09 Refusenik live at Sonic Festival, Copenhagen

2016/06 Performance at 44 Moen Kunsthalle, Moen, Denmark
2016/05 “The Year of the Catdog” premiere on Czech Radio Vltava
2016 Ukrainian and Russian tour

2015/12 Theater piece “More Music for Sam” at Cricoteca, Krakow
2015/04 Audio-play “Audiokaukas”, NOA, Vilnius
2015/04 “Gamelan Descending a Staircase”, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius

2014/11 Sound installation “Walk Through”, Tonspur Museums Quartier, Vienna
2014/11 Residency in Quartier21, Vienna
2014/10 Performance with Quartet Twentytwentyone, Brno Philharmony, Brno
2014/09 “Šuorai” sound installation, Unanswered Q, CAC, Vilnius
2014/09 “Windows” sound installation, On the Edge of Perceptibility, Kunsthalle Budapest
2014/01 Performance with MI-65 Ensemble, Club Transmediale, Berlin

2013/10 Premiere of “Bird Fancyer’s Delight”, CSW Sala Laboratorium, Warsaw
2013/10 Performance with MI-65 Ensemble, Skanumezs, Riga
2013/10 Premiere of “Wielka Improwizacja”, Polskie Radio Dwojka

2013/09 Wolumen Trio, St.Catherine’s Church, Vilnius
2013/09 Residency @ EMS, Stockholm
2013/08 Performance in Quiet Cue, Berlin

2013/05 “Night on the Sailship”, Avant Avantgarde, Stadtgarten, Cologne
2013/04 “My Alphabet” for voice recordings, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius

2013/03 Live version of „Epiloghi…“, Radio Zukunft, AdK, Berlin
2013/03 Premiere of „Epiloghi…“, Deutschlandradio Kultur

2012/11 “Scattered Pages” for six pianos, Klaviergarten, OK-Centrum, Linz
2012/11 Performance w/ international ensemble MI-65, Chemnitz
2012/11 Performance w/ Liudas Mockūnas, Nordic Sound Station, Eskilstuna

2012/10 Theater collaboration w/ Wojtek Ziemilski, komuna//warszawa
2012/10 Traveling group exhibition “Membra Disjecta for John Cage”, Tonspur, Vienna
2012/09 Experimental music festival Sonic Circuits, Atlas Center, DC

2012/04 Performance/installation “Gwizdaly”, Sala Laboratorium, CSW, Warsaw
2012/04 New composition, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2012/03 Performance w/ Friends of Edgars, Palladium, Riga
2012/01 Solo performance, Strefa Monotype, Sala Laboratorium, CSW, Warsaw

2011/12 Performance w/ Piotr Kurek, Next Festival, Bratislava
2011/12 Performance w/ international ensemble MI-65, Audio Art, Krakow
2011/11 Premiere of „Sleep (An Attempt at Trying)“ on Deutschlandradio Kultur
2011/10 “Voicescapes” w/Liudas Mockūnas in Kaunas Philharmony
2011/10 “Voicescapes” w/Liudas Mockūnas, Vilnius Jazz Festival
2011/06 Group exhibition “Polemically Small”, Klaipeda Art Gallery
2011/05 Solo performance “Packing” in Klaipeda Art Gallery
2011/04 Performance with Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika, Vilnius

2010/12 Solo piano recital “Diapason”, LMTA, Vilnius
2010/11 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone at Concertgebouw Bruges
2010/10 Performance w/ Apartment House, Wundergrund, Copenhagen
2010/09 Experimental music festival Sonic Circuits, Washington DC
2010/09 Project “Morning and Evening in the Museum”, LTKM Museum, Vilnius
2010/09 Exhibition “10 Years of Lithuanian Contemporary Art”, CAC, Vilnius
2010/09 Solo exhibition “Words and Music”, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2010/07 Performance w/ Works and Days ensemble, Wigry, Poland
2010/06 Solo performance “Piano in the Expanded Field”, CAC, Torun
2010/06 “Stories from the Organ Safari”, Orgelpark, Holland Festival, Amsterdam
2010/06 Contemporary art festival “Lithuania, right?”, Poznan
2010/05 New music festival Kody, Lublin
2010/05 Performance w/ Works and Days ensemble, Angelica festival, Bologna
2010/05 Contemporary art fair Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam
2010/03 Residency in „Kunstraum Sylt Quelle“, Rantum

2009/11 Festival of experimental song “The Song is You”, Powiekszenie, Warsaw
2009/10 Premiere of “Five Songs” for large ensemble, Wigry
2009/09 Premiere of “Heap of Language”, BBC3 / King’s Place, London
2009/06 Performances in “Let There Be Night”, Vilnius
2009/05 Group exhibition “Interplay”, Bury St Edmunds Gallery
2009/04 Co-leading masterclasses at Aldeburgh Young Musicians, Snape Maltings
2009/04 Electronic music festival Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2009/03 Premiere of “Studie Zwei” at Crazy Wisdom event, King’s Place, London
2009/01 Performance at Eine Audienz mit dem Publikum, Berliner Konzerthaus

2008/11 Group exhibition “Weltall+Erde+Mensch”, ACC, Weimar
2008/10 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Cut & Splice / BBC3, London
2008/10 Group exhibition Salon of the Revolution, HDLU, Zagreb
2008/09 Solo exhibition “Transparent Ears” in NEON gallery, Brösarp
2008/09 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, iFEM, Inari
2008/09 Group exhibition Lithuanian Art 08. Photography, CAC, Vilnius
2008/09 Solo performance in Fylkingen, Stockholm
2008/09 Split performance with Ida Lunden in Gavle Theater
2008/08 Solo exhibition All Blur in Lydgalleriet, Bergen
2008/06 Split exhibition with Tomáš Svoboda, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2008/05 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Skanumezs, Riga
2008/04 Performance w/ Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika, CAC, Vilnius
2008/03 Group exhibition “Home Bound”, Kunstraum Sylt-Quelle

2007/11 Group exhibition “DE_constructing MariaKapel”, Hoorn
2007/11 Group exhibition “Virtual Documenta”, KUMU, Tallinn
2007/11 Group exhibition on public screens “Poslinkis”, Vilnius
2007/10 Exhibition “Bumsteinas/Lericolais”, ERBA, Rouen
2007/09 Sound installation “Untitled (Building)”, Berliner Kunstsalon
2007/09 New music festival Sonic Circuits, Kennedy-Center, Washington DC
2007/09 Experimental music festival iFem, Inari
2007/06 Recital of Twentytwentyone in Holland Festival, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
2007/05 Exhibition “2420 Ciurlionis”, CAC Vilnius
2007/03 Exhibition “Hmm… Wystawa Problemowa”, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok
2007/04 Electronic music festival Jauna Muzika, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
2007/02 Solo exhibition “Demo”, Antje Wachs Galerie, Berlin
2007/02 Exhibition “Me, You and some Out-takes”, CAC, Vilnius

2007/02 Solo performance in Laznia Contempoary Art Center, Gdansk, Poland
2006/12 Recital of Twentytwentyone, Audio Art Festival, CSW, Warsaw
2006/09 Festival of political music culture “Machtmusik”, Leipzig, Germany
2006/09 Exhibition of young artists “Selfobjects”, Radvilu Rumai, Vilnius
2006/09 Exhibition of photography “3Xpozicija.lt”, Prospekto Galerija, Vilnius
2006/09 Exhibition “101,3 km. Competition and Collaboration”, CAC, Vilnius
2006/05 Exhibition „Videokunst aus Baltikum“ in Kunstraum-Duesseldorf
2006/05 Solo performance „Klavierkonzert“, Palais de Wittgenstein, Duesseldorf
2006/05 Exhibition of Lithuanian art „Invasion“ in Kuenstlerhaus-Dortmund
2006/04 Recital of Twentytwentyone, Jauna Muzika Festival, CAC, Vilnius

2005/12 Lithuanian contemporary art exhibition „Enthusiasts”, CAC, Vilnius
2005/11 Music, dance and theater festival “Sensoralia/Romaeuropa”, Roma
2005/10 Performance-installation “Ketubah”, Oxford Contemporary Music
2005/09 Crossover music festival “Turning Sounds 3”, Warsaw
2005/09 Electronic music festival Skanumezs, Riga
2005/08 Audiovisual performance “Sleeping with Cars”, Skuc gallery, Ljubljana
2005/04 Multicollaborative project “Mixthemixthemix”, Jauna Muzika, Vilnius
2005/04 Documentary “Attempt to Talk about Experimental Music” on ŠMC TV

2004/12 Baltic video art screenings “Video 2004”, Bergen Kunsthall
2004/11 Contemporary music festival Iš Arti, Kaunas
2004/10 Contemporary music festival Marių Klavyrai, Klaipeda
2004/10 Video art festival “Blick’04”, Moderna Museet, Stockholm
2004/10 New media culture festival “Art+Communication”, Riga
2004/09 Tallinn XIII Graphic Triennale “In Exile”, Tallinn
2004/08 Group exhibition “Remains of Innocence” in Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff
2004/07 Audio art exhibition “Mirrors and Copulations”, Rael Artel Gallery, Parnu
2004/06 Exhibition “Rauma Biennale Balticum 2004: Talking To Me? “
2004/06 Exhibition of contemporary Lithuanian art “In My Own Juice”, Tallinn
2004/04 Solo exhibition “Procedures (Stream)”, Druskininkai Town Museum
2004/04 Exhibition of Baltic art “Somewhere Near Europa”, Brussels
2004/02 Media art festival “Garso Zona”, Kaunas

2003/11 Electronic music and moving image festival “Avanto”, Kiasma, Helsinki
2003/11 Exhibition “2Show”, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius
2003/06 Interdisciplinary art festival “Launch Option Berlin”, Berlin
2003/06 New music, performance and cinema festival “Artacts”, St.Johann in Tirol
2003/04 Electronic music festival “E – Muzika”, Vilnius
2003/03 New music festival “Maerzmusik”, Berlin

2002/11 Exhibition “Parallel Progressions 3”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius